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Legal Assistance

List of Attorneys, Copenhagen

Disclaimer:  The U.S. Embassy Copenhagen assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms.  Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy.  Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise and language ability are provided directly by the lawyers; the Embassy is not in a position to vouch for such information.  You may receive additional information about the individuals on the list by contacting the local bar association (or its equivalent) or the local licensing authorities.

A complete list of attorneys in Denmark, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands may be found at the Danish Bar Association web

Note: International Direct Dialing: Denmark Country Code is +45

ADVOKATERNE AMALIEGADE NO. 42:  Amaliegade 42, 1256 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3311 3399;  FAX: 3332 4625.  Branch office in Paris, France.   E-mail: 

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Taking up Residence in Denmark, Mergers and Acquisitions, Setting up Business, Purchase-Sale-Leasing of Real Estate, Fiscal matters, IT, Employment Contracts, Fiscal Representation and Domiciliation, Agency-Distributorship-Franchise, Trademarks, Patents, Tenders-Construction Contrats, International Transportation, Financing-Securities, Debt Recovery, Insolvency, Foundation-Trusts-Estates, Marriage Contracts, Wills, Litigation – International Arbitration and Mediation.   


ANDERSSON, LINDHOLT, TOFT LAW FIRM:  Sankt Peders Stræde 39, 1st. fl, 1453 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3393 0300;  FAX: 3312 9027. Email:    

Tine Andersson (Law Degree, 1992)

SPECIALIZATION AND MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Family Law.  Separation/Divorce/Division of Joint Estate, Dissolution of Common Law Marriages, Voluntary and Involuntary Placement of Children in Foster Homes, Family Law Cases involving Danish Welfare Authorities, Child Custody and Visitation. 


BECH-BRUUN LAW FIRM:  Langelinie Alle 35, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.  TEL: 7227 0000;  FAX: 7227 0027.    Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE: Corporate, EU and Competition, Real Estate, Finance & Capital Markets, IP & Technology, Dispute Resolution, Public Law, Transport & Insurance.


BOELSKIFTE ATTORNEYS:  Solbjergvej 3, 2000 Frederiksberg.  TEL: 3816 0616;  FAX: 3816 0626.            E-mail:

General Practice, Family Law, Inheritance, Consumer Law.  SPECIALIZATION:  Criminal Law (defense), Real Estate, International Compensation, Administration of Condos and Co-ops. 


BOUET LINDAHL LESCHLY LAW FIRM:  Attorney Lise Bouet, Lindegårdsvej 51, 2920 Charlottenlund.  TEL:  3963 4111;  FAX:  3963 4101.   Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICECHILDREN:  Contact, Custody, Foster Care, Child Abduction.

MARRIAGE:  Prenuptial Agreements, Separation, Divorce, Division of Joint Property.  Wills, Purchase and Sale of Real Estate. 


BRUUN & HJEJLE:  Nørregade 21, 1165 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3334 5000; FAX: 3334 5050.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Competition & EU, Employment & Labor, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Real Estate and Construction., Dispute Resolution, Insolvency & Reconstruction, International Law, Tax Law.  


JON PALLE BUHL LAW FIRM:  Valkendorfsgade 16, 1151 Copenhagen K. TEL: 3348 0000; FAX: 3348 0048.   E-mail:

The firm provides assistance in general matter as well as the following MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Bankruptcy Law, Company Law, Contracts, Corporate Finance and International Financing, Creditor Settlements, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law and Estate Planning, including Marriage Contracts, Wills and Administration of Estates, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Financing, Labor Law, Law of Succession, Litigation and Arbitration, Media Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Public Law, EU Law, Real Estate, tax Law. 

CPH LAW FIRM:  Vester Voldgade 83, 1st. fl., 1552 Copenhagen V (next to City Hall Square.)  TEL:  7022 4055; FAX:  7022 4065.  Email:        

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Corporate and Finance, IPR, Employment, IT and Telecom, Litigations. 


ANJA CORDES:  Købmagergade 3, 1150 Copenhagen K.  TEL:  3312 2550;  FAX:  3311 2331.  Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  FAMILY LAW:  Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation Rights, Marriage Settlements, Cohabitation.  International Family Law, Wills and Succession, Buying and Selling Property, Criminal Law, Mediation.


DE LA COUR DANIA LAW FIRMLangebrogade 4, 1411 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 7011 1122;  FAX: 7011 1133.   Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Commercial Law, Collection of Debts, EU & Competition Law, International Law, IP, IT, Media and Gambling, Real Property, Finance and Banking, Insurance and Law of Torts, Horses, Veterinarians & Agriculture, Dispute Resolution, Insolvency and Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Law, Maritime and Transport Law, Customs, VAT, Tax & Duty.

GORRISSEN FEDERSPIEL KIERKEGAARD:  H.C. Andersens Boulevard 12, 1553 Copenhagen V.  TEL: 3341 4141;  FAX: 3341 4133. E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, EU & Competition, Insolvency, IP & Technology, Labor & Employment, Shipping/Offshore/Transportatoin, Real Estate, Tax.  Cross-Practice Groups:  Aircraft & Rolling Stock, CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment, German Desk, Greenland Desk, Insurance & Reinsurance, International Construction and Engineering Projects, Energy and Utilities, Media, Entertainment and Telecom.  


HORTEN LAW FIRM:  Philip Heymans Alle 7, 2900 Hellerup.  TEL: 3334 4000; FAX: 3334 4001.    E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Banking & Finance, Corporate & Commercial, Damages & Insurance, Employment & Labor Law, Energy & Supply Law, Environmental Law, EU, Public Procurement and Competition, German Desk, Insolvency & Restructuring, Intellectual Property Rights, IT, e-commerce & Telecommunications, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation, Maritime, Air and Transportation, Media & Entertainment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Law, Public law, Real Estate & Construction, Tax. 


KOCH/CHRISTENSEN:  Sankt Annæ Plads 6, 1250 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3315 0800;  FAX: 3315 5060.  Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Administration of Estates, Building & Construction, Business Succession Processes, Contract Law, Company Law, Competition Law, Energy Law, Environmental Law, Housing Law, Real Property, Media Law, Labor & Employment Law, IT Law and e-commerce, Environmental Law, Criminal Law, Police Law, International Law issues.  Provides legal advice to Greenland Business Firms and Danish and International Companies. 


KROMANN REUMERT:  Sundkrogsgade 5, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.  TEL: 7012 1211; FAX:  7012 1311.   E-mail:

Corporate and commercial practice with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, London and Brussels with a staff of 600 employees of which 320 are lawyers.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:   Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Commercial & Company Law, Competition Law, Compliance, CSR and Corporate Governance, Data Protection Law, Employment and Labor Law, Energy Law, Environmental Law and Public law, Financial Regulation and Asset management, German Desk, Greenlandic Law, Insolvency and Reconstruction, Insurance and Tort Law, IP, IT and Outsourcing, Litigation and Arbitration, Maritime and Transportation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology and Media, Outbound Services, Private Clients, Procurement, Purchase and Sale of SME, Real Estate & Construction Law, Shipping, Sports, Media & Entertainment, Succession Planning, Tax,  Telecommunications.


KYED & JYBÆK LAW FIRM:  Frederiksberggade 2, 1459 Copenhagen K.  TEL 3314 5145; FAX: 3311 2741.  Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Agricultural Law, Company Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law, Construction & Engineering, Family Law, EU Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Succession, Bankruptcy & Reconstruction, Finance Law, Contracts, IT Law, Litigation,  Employment Law,  Real Estate, Rental Law, Inheritance and Wills, Professional Liability Law.


LASSEN  RICARD LAW FIRM:  Amaliegade 31, 1256 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3332 2012; FAX: 3332 2474.   E-mail:           

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Company Law and Directorship, Competition Law, Construction Law, EU Law, Finance Law, Intellectual Property Law, IT Law, Litigation, Media Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Ownership Transition, Telecommunication. 


LETT LAW FIRM:  Rådhuspladsen 4, 1550 Copenhagen V.  TEL:  3334 0000. FAX:   3334 0001.   Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Aircraft Finance and Leasing, Liability & Insurance Law, Tax Law, Information Technology and Telecommunications Law, Employment Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Public Procurement Law, Real Property and Construction Law, Lease and Real Property transfers Laws, Environmental Law, Food Law, Litigation and Arbitration. 


LUND/ELMER/SANDAGER LAW FIRM:  Kalvebod Brygge 39, 1560 Copenhagen V.  TEL: 3330 0200;  FAX: 3330 0299.  E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Company Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Insolvency Law and Administration of Estates, Real Estate, Building, Rent Law/Construction Law, Labor Law and Employment Law, Mediation/Conciliation, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Contracts, Tax Law,  Family Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Property Management. 


MAZANTI-ANDERSEN, KORSØ JENSEN & PARTNEREAmaliegade 10, 1256 Copenhagen K.  TEL:  3314 3536;  FAX:  3319 3737.   Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  The company provides advice within all areas of company law, including:  EU and Competition Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Mergers and Acquisitions, IP Law, Construction Law, Transportation Law, IT and Telecommunication, Public law, Environmental Law, Insolvency Law and Reconstruction, Employment Law, Franchising, Licensing and Distribution, Banking and Finance law. 


MEELBERG BRUHN LAW FIRM:  Store Strandstræde 19, 2nd fl., 1255 Copenhagen K.  TEL:  3393 6643;  FAX:  33936640.  Email:  

Attorney Mona Meelberg was born and raised in the United States.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:   Criminal Law, Family Law:  Divorce/Child Custody, Foster Care, Child Abuse, Child Abduction, Domestic Violence, Wills and Prenuptial Agreements, Estate Cases, Victim’s Compensation Cases, Criminal Law. 


MOLTKE-LETH LAW FIRM:  Amaliegade 12, 1256 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3311 6511; FAX: 3311 4911.  E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Employment Law, Construction Law, Real Estate, Insurance Law, Family Law, Contracts, Disputes and Litigation, Agricultural and Forestry Law, Commercial Leasing Law, Environmental Law, Wills and Estates, Company Law, Criminal Law, Business Transfers.  


NORRBOM & VINDING:  Dampfærgevej 26, 2100 Copenhagen.  TEL: 3525 3940; FAX: 3525 3950.        E-mail:



JERRY OSBAK LAW FIRM:   Nørregade 30, 1165 Copenhagen K.  TEL:  3314 4200; FAX:  3393 4209.  Email: 

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Real Estate, court Proceedings, Tenant Law, Criminal Law, Tort and Insurance Law, Salaried Employee Law, Handling of Estates of Deceased Persons, Inheritance, Wills, Immigration Law, Family Law.  


KROER PRAMMING:  Thoravej 11, 2400 Copenhagen NV.  TEL:  7199 3131.  Email:

SPECIALIZATION:  Personal Injury, Criminal Law (defense.)  OTHER AREAS OF PRACTISE:  Victim’s Compensation Cases, Workmen’s Compensation, Insurance & Torts, Litigation & Mediation, Family Law, Public Law & Debt Collection.   


LONE REFSHAMMER LAW FIRM:  Rømersgade 9, P.O. Box 1179, 1011 Copenhagen K.  TEL: 3314 1119;  FAX: 3314 1808. 


MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Legal proceedings (at all courts of law), Real Property, Owner-occupied Apartments, Family Law, Law of Succession, Access/Custody, Company Law, Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt Collection, Criminal Law. 


MARIANNE SIGFUSSON:  Hauser Plads 16, 1127 Copenhagen K.  TEL:  3311 2270; FAX:  3311 2236.  Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  National and International Taxation, National and International VAT and Duties, Expatriate Taxation – Global Transfer of Manpower, Setting up in Denmark, Administration of Companies (employment contracts, book keeping, payroll, etc.)


STAGETORN WENZEL LUND POULSEN ATTORNEYS:  Store Strandstræde 21, 1255 Copenhagen  K.  TEL:  3312 4611;  FAX:  3312 8445.    Email: 

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Criminal Law, Court appointed defense attorneys.


VESTERVOLD ATTORNEYS:  Vester Voldgade 90, 1552 Copenhagen V.

TEL: 3315 8000.  FAX: 3312 1533.           Email:           

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE: Legal , Assistance to Foreign Business Clients, Construct Law, Commercial Law, Successions, Restructuring, Employment Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Construction Law, Estates, Divorce and Family Cases, Wills and marriage Contracts, Real Property and Rent Law, Public Administration, Penal Law.





BORGE NIELSEN LAW FIRMHasserisvej 174, 9000 Aalborg.  TEL: 9812 2800.

Fax:  9812 9855.  Email:     

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Corporate Law, Employment Law, Real Estate, Insolvency, Public Law, EU Law, Private Law, Law of Process.  Attorneys Preben Bang Henriksen and Thomas Schultz.


HJULMAND & KAPTAINBadehusvej 16, 9000 Aalborg.  TEL: 7015 1000;

FAX: 7221 1601.  E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Employment Law, Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Environmental Law, Technology, Commercial Law, Directorship, Securities Law, Succession Planning, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, EU Law, Corporate Structuring, Tax Law.  


 RYE-ANDERSEN LAW FIRM:  Algade 33, 9100 Aalborg.  TEL: 9816 1600 & 20701600.  FAX: 9812 1456.    E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  General Practice, Family Law, Estate Cases, Trade Disputes, Criminal Cases, Commercial Law, Contracts, Insolvency, Compensation Law. 



ADVOKATERNE KANNIKEHUSET:  Kannikegade 14, 8000 Aarhus C.  TEL:  8613 8833;

FAX:  8619 4010.     Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  General Practice, Company Law, Contracts, Child Custody, Divorce, Unmarried partners, Estate Cases, Wills, General Family Law, Criminal Law, Torts, Insolvency, Compensation, Real Estate. 


BECH-BRUUN LAW FIRM:  Frue Kirkeplads 4, 8100 Aarhus C.  TEL: 7227 0000;

FAX: 7227 0027.  E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE: Capital Markets, Company Law, Construction and Real Property Law, Corporate Consulting, Employment and Labor Law, Energy Supply, Environmental Law, EU and Competition Law, Insolvency and Restructuring, Intellectual Property Rights, International Law, IT Law and Telecommunications, Litigation, Media and Entertainment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Law, Public Law, Russian Law,  Taxation, Tort & Insurance, Transport Law. 


CLEMENS ADVOKATER:  Sct. Clemens Stræde 7, 8100 Aarhus C.  TEL: 8732 1250;

FAX: 8612 5012.   E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Company Law, Contracts, Employment Law, Corporate Transfers, Competition Law, Collection Law, Criminal Law, Insurance and Torts, Real Estate, Family Law, Inheritance. 


DELACOUR DANIA LAW FIRM:  Lille Torv 6, Postboks 505, 8000 Aarhus C.  TEL: 7011 1122;  FAX: 7011 1133.          Email:

Offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Employment and Labor Law, Banking and Financing, Energy Law, Project Development, Family Law and Inheritance Law, Real Property Law, Environmental

Law, Insurance Law and Compensation, Horses and Veterinarians, Sports Law, Collection, Insolvency and Reconstruction, International Law, IT Law, Competition and Marketing, Lawsuits and Arbitration, Company Law, Criminal Law, Transportation and Maritime Law, Corporate Transactions. 


GORRISSEN FEDERSPIEL:  Silkeborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C.

TEL: 8620 7500;  FAX: 8620 7599.      


Offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The firm offers advice within corporate, commercial and financial law.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:   Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions,  EU and Competition, IP & Technology, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Real Estate, Tax, Transportation. 


KROMANN REUMERT:  Raadhuspladsen 3, 8100 Aarhus C.  TEL: 7012 1211;  FAX: 7012 1411.  E-mail:

Corporate and commercial practice with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, London and Brussels with a staff of over 500 persons.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:   Banking & Finance Law, Capital Markets, Commercial & Company Law, Competition Law, Compliance, CSR and Corporate Governance, Data Protection,  Employment & Labor, Energy Law, Environmental & Public Law, Financial Regulation, German Desk, Greenlandic Law, Insolvency & reconstruction, Insurance & Tort, IP, IT & Outsourcing, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Litigation & Arbitration, Maritime &Transportation Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate & Construction Law, Shipping, Sports, Media & Entertainment, Succession Planning, Tax Law, Telecommunications.



DAHL LAW FIRMDokken 10, 6700 Esbjerg.  TEL:  8891 9000;  FAX: 8891 9001.  E-mail:  

Also offices in Copenhagen, Herning and Viborg.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:   Corporate & Commercial, Construction Law, Real Property, Debt Collection, IT & IP, Competition Law, Insolvency & Reconstruction, Public law, Private Law, Litigation, Tax Law.  



SMITH KNUDSEN LAW FIRM:  Store Torv 6, Postboks 1460, 7500 Holstebro.

TEL: 9742 6333; FAX: 9741 3400.   Email:

MAIN AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION:  Commercial Law, Cross Border Agreements and Disputes, Negotiating and Drafting Contracts in English, EU Employment and Discrimination Law.  Advice is offered to English speaking clients in Family Law matters, Property Transactions, and Inheritance Law.    


TROLLE LAW FIRMKolding Aapark 2, 6000 Kolding.  TEL: 7015 1532;

FAX: 7010 1029.   E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  General Practice, Commercial Law, Estate Cases, Family Law, Insurance, Prenuptial Contracts, Divorce.



LEXSOS LAW FIRMJernbanegade 4, 1st fl,  5000 Odense C.

TEL: 6612 7700;  FAX: 6614 7712.  Email:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Arbitration & Litigation, Employment, Intellectual Property, Leases, Building Contracts, Company Formation, Horticultural & Agricultural Law, Bankruptcy, Succession, Tax Law, Company Acquisitions and Disposals, Commercial Property, Agreements & Contracts, Company Law, EU Law, Debt Recovery.



GRØNBÆK & HUUSE LAW FIRMRaadhustorvet 4, 8900 Randers.  TEL: 8915 2500;  FAX: 8915 2501.     E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  Real Estate, Debt Relief, Child Custody, Succession, Inheritance, Wills, Division of Property, Estates, Child Support, Immaterial Rights, Legal Counseling.  



ADVOKATHUSET SVENDBORG:  Krøyers Stræde 3, 5700 Svendborg.  TEL: 6221 2124;  FAX: 6222 0966.   E-mail:

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  General Practice, Lawsuits, Arbitration & other Process, Real Estate and Construction, Company Law, Insolvency and Reconstruction, Immaterial Law, Patents, Design and Trademarks, Compensation and Insurance, Employment Law, Law in connection with Sports, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Estates, Collection and Foreclosure, Agricultural Law. 


7100  VEJLE

SKOV ATTORNEYS:  Havneparken 1, 7100 Vejle.  TEL:  7640 7000;  FAX:  7640 7002.            Email:      

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE:  General Commercial Issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial & Company Law, Tax Law, finance Law, Insolvency, Real Estate, Estate & Building Projects, Criminal Law, Construction, IT Law, Family Law, Law on Wills and Succession.