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DS-160 Online Application Instructions


  1. After you click on the “Start Application” button, you will be sent to a new page, where you should select Copenhagen, Denmark as your location.
  2. Please write in your name exactly as it appears in English letters in your passport. If your passport is a machine-readable passport, please use the spelling of your name that appears in the two line, machine-readable zone at the bottom of the biographic data page. Your name must appear as it does in your passport or your application will be rejected, and you will be directed to fill out a new DS160 and return at another time. The entire form must be filled out in English, except for one question which asks for your name in your native language.

    * Do not use the Danish letters æ, ø or å (except in the one field where it asks you for your name in your native alphabet; in that one field, those letters are acceptable, as are other non-standard characters if your name in your native language includes such characters).
     * If your name, address or other information needed to complete the visa application form is spelled with the Danish letters æ, ø or å, you should write ae, oe or aa.
     * If your native language uses a non-western alphabet/script (Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, etc.), you must include your name completely written in your native language script. If your names includes non-English letters, you must also write out your name using these special letters. If you fail to provide this information, your application will be rejected at your interview, and you will be directed to correct the errors and reschedule your appointment.
    *If your name, address or other information needed to complete the application is written with any other non-English character, such as an umlaut, please use the standard English transliteration for that character. Standard transliterations can be found in the two line, machine readable zone at the bottom of the passport’s biographic data page.

  3. For national ID number, Danish applicants with a CPR number should write in their CPR number.  For citizens of any other country that uses a national ID number, please insert that number.

  4. The DS160 application may close after 20 minutes.  To avoid ‘timing out’, after completing each page of the form, click on the “Save” button at the bottom center of the page.  Then click on “Continue Application” to return to the DS160 form.  To permanently save your file to your hard drive or to removable media, such as a CD or flash drive, click on the “Save” button and then select “Save Application to File”.  A saved file will allow you to retrieve your application at a later date and complete the form.  When the application is complete, you should save a copy for future personal use, such as another visa application.

    To reload your DS160, go to the “Getting Started” page.  After selecting “Copenhagen, Denmark” as your place of application, scroll down to Step 2.  Then select option B by clicking on the “Upload a Previous Application” button.  Please follow the instructions to retrieve your saved application from your computer hard drive or removable media.  This will allow you to retrieve a partially-complete DS160 for more work or to retrieve a completed DS160 for other use.

  5. For general information about filling out the DS160, please view the DS160 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at Travel.State.Gov, the Department of State’s main web site for international travelers.  For specific information related to applying in Copenhagen, please view Embassy Copenhagen’s DS160 FAQ.
  6. After completing the form, print out the Confirmation Page with the bar code and remember to bring the Confirmation Page to your interview.

  7. Now that you have read and understood the instructions, please  proceed to the DS-160 application form.

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