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Non-Immigrant Visas
U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol

The Nonimmigrant Visas (NIV) unit at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen serves Danish citizens and individuals residing in Denmark , the Faroe Islands or Greenland who are seeking visas for temporary visits to the United States.

The official website for finding information on non-immigrant visas, as well for paying the visa application fee and booking an appointment for a visa interview at the US Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark is:


Third Country Nationals who neither work nor have permanent residence status in Denmark should be aware that it is very difficult to qualify for a nonimmigrant visa because it is hard for them to demonstrate their permanent ties to their home countries. In such cases, the applicants should consider submitting their applications in their home countries or at a U.S. embassy or consulate with the routine responsibility for processing applications from the applicant's home country. Residents of Sweden should apply for their visa at the American Embassy in Stockholm.

There are several types of visas for temporary visitors to the U.S. The type of visa needed is defined by immigration law and relates to the purpose of travel. For an overview of the types of nonimmigrant visas available, please see Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications below.

Applicants for temporary visitor visas must show that they qualify under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

J1 Visa

  • J1 Visa

Know Your Rights

  • If you are coming to the United States to work or study, we are confident that you will have a pleasant and rewarding stay. If you should encounter any problems, however, know that you have rights and can get help.

    The Rights, Protections and Resources Pamphlet informs you of your rights as a nonimmigrant visa holder in certain employment- and education-based categories (specifically A-3, G-5, NATO-7, B-1 domestic employees, H-1B, H-1B1, H-2A, H-2B, and J-1 visa holders).